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Andrew Munger, studio session percussionist based in Raleigh, NC

Which Do You Think Sounds Better?

MIDI event blocks, or a real professional drummer?
MIDI files, samples, loops... They've all got their place, but they could never replace a real, professionally composed and performed drum track. Problem is, with studio times, equipment hassles, and all the issues involved with live drum recording sessions, sometimes it just can't happen!

Problem Solved!

Now, for about the cost of an hour of studio time, you can have a live, professional drum performance on your song. Best of all, you never even have to leave the house to get it!

Here's How It Works:

  • Write your song, record at least enough to function as a "road map" (basic structure, main riffs, scratch vocal). Or, if you prefer, go ahead and finish production of all parts except the drums.
  • email a mix of your parts
  • I create a drums/percussion part to go with your song and email a reference mix to you for approval.
  • When you are happy with the parts, I email the finished drum/percussion tracks for you to incorporate into your song.
  • From reciept of your tracks to delivery of mine, 2-5 days.

What could be easier?

Basic Recording Package Details:
  • One complete drum or percussion (or hybrid) track for your song
  • As much or as little direction as you like in creating the part
  • Two re-edits of the part (if necessary)
  • Stereo mix-down of the finished tracks - all you need to do is drop them into your recording program
  • Isolated individual tracks you can process and mix yourself
  • Single-hit samples of all instruments used (you can add or change parts after recording is done)
Basic package rate: $40

Add on services:
  • additional tracks (ie complete drum tracks PLUS a complete percussion track), $20
  • additional re-editing of parts, $10 each
**Special deals are available for multiple tracks/album projects!**

Example Recordings:

Before: After:

guitar and vocal, live 2-track recording

"Hybrid" percussion tracks (percussion in place of a drumset) added.

Guitar and Bass reference track

Straight-ahead rock drumset track.

Any Questions? email Andrew for more info.

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