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Periculum line

"Periculum" is a Latin word meaning trial, test, attempt or experiment. This project can be thought of as all of these things.


The Periculum is the project I am most intimately involved with. The whole "band" is basically just myself and my computers, exploring in the studio. When I hear music, this is what I hear. This is MY inner voice talking.

The basic idea with this project is that the modern symphony orchestra should not be limited to instruments created in the 18th century. There is no reason an electric guitar could not fit in the string section, or a drumkit with the percussion. What I do NOT want to do is digress into the "rock band plays with an orchestra" cliche that has become so popular, with the orchestra playing bad keyboard parts behind the band. This project is about seamlessly integrating the instruments into a unified whole.


Current Projects

First started in 1996, believe it or not, the Suite For A Broken Heart is finally done! (order) OK, so it took 7 years, but I did always consider it the work of a lifetime, right? This first Periculum release is an exploration of the emotional torment that goes with the end of a loving relationship. It deals with loss, pain, and rejection, but ends on a note of hope for the future, and a realization that pain produces growth.

The second release, or perhaps version 1.5, will be a single work, Symphony No. 1, subtitled "Moses at Horeb." It deals with the themes presented in the book of Exodus, as Moses is brought face to face with God Himself through the "burning bush," and presented with his life's work.

I have finished compiling the "scene themes" for this piece, and have begun writing the first movement.

The second Major release will be a "soundtrack" to Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost.

This project is still quite a ways off, so don't get too excited about it yet!